Your First Office

Medical Space Advisors has helped many healthcare professionals open their first office and we are the first call you need to make to get started. We know that this process is new to you and can be a bit intimidating at times. Our unique site selection process will help ensure that we identify the most optimal location for your first practice. We guide you every step of the way and advise you throughout the process. The following is a brief summary of our services especially designed for healthcare professionals.

  • Find the best areas to locate a new office or clinic.
  • Analyze demographic and competition data to evaluate locations.
  • Identify the best space options for your new office or clinic.
  • Strategically negotiate all the terms of a lease or purchase.
  • Comprehensively review lease and purchase contracts.
  • Coordinate all aspects of the real estate process including recommendations for key vendors including financing, contractor, attorney, etc.
  • Execute strategic lease renewal negotiations that produce significant savings for our clients.

For more information about how Medical Space Advisors can help you open your first office please contact Evan Reynolds at (214) 718-6777 or via email at


We utilize numerous data sources to produce unmatched demographic and completion analysis data at no cost to you.



We entirely represent your interests throughout the process and our compensation is solely paid by the building owner.


Medical Space Advisors Value Proposition for Healthcare Professionals:


Our focus on healthcare real estate enables us to generate creative and impactful solutions for our clients. We understand the impact that patient demographics, competition patterns and referral relationships have on your location decision. We know the importance of identifying properties that can accommodate your unique mechanical, electrical, plumbing, parking, visibility and accessibility requirements.


We utilize a comprehensive real estate database to ensure that we identify the most optimal properties. We are in constant communication with property owners to confirm we have the most accurate market information.


Our objective is to identify the most optimal real estate options for your new office. More viable properties to consider will produce a more competitive environment among landlords hoping to secure you as a tenant. Greater competition combined with tactical negotiations will ultimately yield lower real estate costs.